pdp Green

St Austell Northern Expansion, Cornwall

Flood Risk Assessment Professional Review

pdp Green Consulting were commissioned to undertake a professional review of a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and drainage strategy issued as part of an outline planning application for the northern expansion of St. Austell.

The 51.92Ha proposed development area is currently a greenfield site. The proposals include;

  • Residential development of up to 1300 dwellings
  • Up to 9,000 square metres of employment/retail floor space
  • Leisure facilities
  • 60 bed care home
  • Primary School
  • Strategic landscaping of public open space
  • Community Transport facilities
  • Associated engineering works; infrastructure, drainage and car parking.

Concern had been raised over the adequacy of the FRA after the report failed to identify the scale of the existing flooding issues surrounding the site.

Through the review process pdp Green established that the proposed drainage strategies for surface and foul water drainage for the development cover the basic requirements outlined under current policy, good practice and legislation. However, there were a number of areas where either insufficient study was undertaken or insufficient background information provided. Therefore the full impacts of the development could not be quantified.

The report prepared by pdp Green highlighted a number of short comings within the proposals which lead to further review and development of the strategy to ensure the development did not further exacerbate flooding in the area and in fact reduced the likelihood of flooding in the future.

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