pdp Green

Redruth Corrridor, Cornwall

Site Specific Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Pdp Green Consulting were commissioned by Camborne, Pool Redruth (CPR) Regeneration Company to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) of the two former Plumbase premises in Redruth, for procurement purposes.

The purpose of the study was to identify the extent of the functional flood plain, 100 year floodplain and 1000 Year floodplain within the boundaries of the development plan. This was undertaken to strategically steer development into areas with a lower probability of flooding at a site specific level. PDPG undertook a detailed topographic survey of the sites and local area to produce detailed flood models for both sites.

The hydrology of the catchment proved to be particularly complex due to the urban nature of the catchment, involving a significant number of surface water drains and culverts in the area ranging from 150mm to 2500mm in diameter. In addition to this, a number of disused mining adits drain to the surface water sewer system, generating a high base flow.

The data obtained from the models was used to establish suitable types of development for the area, including suitable finished floor levels. This maximised the developable area whilst mitigating and controlling flood risk.

PDPG compiled a report on the study to inform the client so that a sustainable development policy could be established for the sites.

Redruth Aerial Photo
Redruth Flood Extents
Redruth HEC-RAS