pdp Green

Melrose Crematorium

Drainage Impact Assessment

pdp Green Consulting were commissioned by Westerleigh Group PLC to undertake a Drainage Impact Assessment (DIA) for a new crematorium at Melrose in Scotland.

The purpose of the study was to mitigate the risk of flooding both on site and to third parties, as a result of the development. The site specific hydraulics and hydrology were estimated and used to develop a surface water management solution.

Close liaison with The Scottish Environment Protection Agency was key to the success of the project as the site was in an National Scenic Area; at the foot of “Eildon Hill North”. Our client was keen to preserve the natural tranquil environment and provide a Sustainable Drainage scheme (SuDS) that enhanced the natural assets.

A detailed study of the site was undertaken to establish existing greenfield run-off rates. These were used as limiting values for the post development discharge rates. Lag times and estimation of run-off hydrographs were used to calculate the volume of storage required during heavy rainfall. A study of the area geology indicated that the most feasible and cost effective solution involved attenuation of heavy flows within soft landscaped ponds. Swales were suggested, as a conveyance channel, which further enhanced the projects natural environmental setting.

Pdp Green used the information to compile a report for the client which outlined a hierarchal approach to providing the most cost effective sustainable Drainage Solution available at a sensitive ecological and environmentally important site.

Melrose Render