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Marconi Centre

Poldu Cove, Cornwall

The centenary of Guglielmo Marconi’s trans-Atlantic wireless transmission on 12th December 1901 was marked by the opening of the new Marconi Centre on the cliffs of Poldhu Cove, Cornwall. The building is a collaborative venture between Marconi plc and The National Trust.

A larch and Douglas fir frame joined with oak pegs incorporates efficient ridge girders with spans up to 8m.  Fabrication of the frame took place in a rural workshop less than 10 miles from the site.

All construction timber has been sourced in Cornwall and was used green and untreated. The sweet chestnut boarding was selected from The National Trust’s own managed woodland.

The use of local slate for roofing, rainwater harvesting for flushing WCs, high levels of cellulose fibre insulation and a vapour permeable building envelope have contributed to making the project an exemplar of environment conscious design.