pdp Green

Riverside Holiday Park, Newquay, Cornwall

Flood Risk Assessment

pdp Green Consulting were commissioned by First Step Homes (South West) Ltd. to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment to accompany a planning application for the development of 44 Houses at Grampound Road, Truro, Cornwall.

An assessment of flood risk was required as the site was greater than 1Ha in area. The site does not lie within the fluvial floodplain and is not at risk of flooding from the sea. The Flood Risk Assessment for this site therefore comprised of a drainage impact assessment, the requirements of which considered the following criteria;

  • Assessment of historical flooding
  • Assessment of Flood Mechanisms
  • Assessment of Strategic Drainage area as defined by Cornwall Council
  • Calculation of pre-development and post development run-off
  • Proposed Sustainable Drainage Scheme (SUDS)
  • Wastewater drainage assessment/proposals
  • Assessment of risk to third parties
  • Evaluation of design exceedence
  • Assessment of Maintenance responsibilities under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010

The Flood Risk Assessment and ancillary drainage proposal demonstrated that the development proposals would appropriately manage flood risk both on site and to third parties throughout the lifetime of the development.

Grampound Road - Truro